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About Glaucoma Australia

Incorporated in 1988 as The Glaucoma Foundation, its name changed in 1999 to Glaucoma Australia Inc.

Today Glaucoma Australia is the peak glaucoma awareness/education/support association in Australia. It is a registered, national, not-for-profit organisation.

Glaucoma Australia’s mission is “To eliminate glaucoma blindness”.

Its aims are:

  1. to increase community awareness that glaucoma is a potentially blinding eye disease and to stress the importance of regular optic nerve checks;
  2. to provide information and support for glaucoma patients and their families, reinforcing advice and explanations given by eye practitioners and improving adherence to therapy;
  3. to raise funds for Australian glaucoma research;
  4. to support eye and other health providers, to maximise patient health outcomes;
  5. to advocate on behalf of the glaucoma community.

Its services include:

  • supporting those with glaucoma, their family and carers;
  • public seminars, community group talks and glaucoma support groups, throughout Australia
  • dissemination of literature/information on glaucoma and related topics including a range of information brochures in 8 languages other than English;
  • production and distribution of a newsletter “Glaucoma News”;
  • World Glaucoma Week and other awareness campaigns

Willing volunteers assist in much of its work.

Council Members

Mr Ron Spithill
A/Prof Ivan Goldberg
Ms Meredith Brooks
Mr Daniel Goldberg
Mr Phil Tully
Dr Guy D'Mellow
Mr Tony Gibson
Ms Alicia O'Donoghue
Ms Anne Develin
Vice President
Hon Treasurer
Hon. Secretary
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member

Our Staff

Geoff Pollard, National Executive Officer   Geoff Pollard, National Executive Officer
Phone: 02 9906 6640
Email: Click here to email Geoff Pollard
Meegan McLeod   Meegan McLeod, National Coordinator/Educator
Phone: 02 9906 6640
Email: Click here to email Meegan McLeod
    Kim Brady-Kells, Officer Administrator
Phone: 02 9906 6640
Email: Click here to email Kim Brady-Kells

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