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Manage your glaucoma eye drops and other medication with MedAdvisor

Making sure you have your eye drops on-hand and remembering to use them can be a chore.

For glaucoma, your treatment is the only thing standing in the way of you losing precious sight so it make sense to use your medication in the best way possible.

MedAdvisor is a user-friendly medication management system, with simple reminders and handy functions such as Tap-to-Refill, that assist you to get the most out of your treatment. MedAdvisor assists you to fill your prescriptions and helps you to use your eye drops, and any other medication, at the right time.

Glaucoma Australia and MedAvisor partnership

MedAdvisor can help you to be more adherent with your medication.

Click here to register for this free patient service.

You’ll be sent an activation code. Once activated, you can access an automatic list of your prescription medications, which is updated whenever you fill any prescription. You can see complete details of your prescriptions, repeats left, supply left and medication information. You receive a reminder when your medication is due to be ordered, saving a lot of time by being able to put the order through and then collect the medication from the pharmacy without having to wait for it to be dispensed.

You can easily set up reminders for when to take medication as well.

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