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WGW-2013 theme is: The world is a wonder to see every day – don’t let glaucoma get in the way.

Community Service Announcement - Click Here to view

Glaucoma Rap - Click Here to view the Glaucoma music video

Health Matters - Click Here to listen to a radio interview between Dr John D’Arcy and Dr Andrew White

Sen JP Faulkner Senate speech on Glaucoma - Click Here to view

Calling all World Glaucoma Week participants!

During World Glaucoma Week we are asking you to remind family and friends “the world is a wonder to see every day, don’t let glaucoma get in the way”.  Everyone hopes to preserve their eyesight and to continue to enjoy the beauty of the world around them.  This World Glaucoma Week help by taking part in activities designed to help to detect those with undiagnosed glaucoma.

How do you do that?  Much can be done to ensure those at-risk are checked, and what better place to start than with your own family?  If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, inform your family that they have an increased risk, and the best protection is to have a regular and comprehensive eye check that includes a review of the optic nerves (and not just an eye pressure test).

Outside of your family, everyone can make a difference by becoming a Glaucoma Australia ambassador in their own area.

Make a point of undertaking some of these activities during WGW’13:

  • Set aside time to tell your family what it means to have glaucoma and ask them to get checked- perhaps over dinner when there are few distractions?
  • Do the same with friends and neighbours- when was the last time you felt you had the power to save someone else’s sight?
  • WGW’13 is an opportunity to remind the community to have comprehensive eye checks


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