Research Grants Program


Glaucoma Australia is committed to supporting research in an effort to eliminate glaucoma blindness.

You can contribute to this research by making a tax deductible donation to Glaucoma Australia today. 

Research Domains

Glaucoma Australia is committed to supporting research which focuses on the following four domains which are framed around on our bold mission ‘to eliminate glaucoma blindness’.

1. Increasing the rate and reliability of early detection of glaucoma

2. Improving the treatment experience

3. Improving the quality and experience of monitoring the condition for progression and maintaining better population wide statistics

4. Providing management tools to improve the quality of life for people with glaucoma.


The William A Quinlivan Research Fund was established in 2006 and now has over $1.8M in assets. Since its inception, Glaucoma Australia has committed $934,527.00 to support Australian glaucoma researchers across a diverse range of projects.

A long term strategy has been implemented to substantially add to our research funds over time.

Guiding Principles

Finding a “cure” for all the variants of glaucoma is a global, multi-disciplinary, long term endeavour. For the foreseeable future, we will focus on areas where we can make a difference, and these are the principles we will apply.

Glaucoma Australia prefers:

  • Applied research rather than theoretical research. “Clinical” rather than “Laboratory”
  • A focus on delivering a better life for people with glaucoma
  • A clear identification of preferred research topics and desirable outcomes
  • Longer term projects with regular updates
  • A desire to work with partner(s) to leverage our funding
  • Genuine partnerships where we participate fully in decision making and quality control
  • Although research in Australia would be preferred, we are open to funding international collaborations.




The genetics of Glaucoma

 Over the last 25 years we have changed our thinking about glaucoma – whereas once it was considered to be a degenerative disease of aging, we now view glaucoma as a complex genetic disease.


Brighter future for Australian Glaucoma patients

The future looks brighter for Australians with glaucoma with recent advances in surgical treatment and upcoming improvements in drug delivery likely to improve treatment adherence and efficiency.


Glaucoma in perspective

New technologies and collaborative care are improving the quality of life of patients with glaucoma. Advances in the diagnosis, as well as medical and surgical treatments, are paving the way for patients to maintain their vision with glaucoma.

Stay Tuned 

The next round of grants for research commencing in 2021 is expected to open on 1 June 2020, and close on 1 September 2020.

Previously Awarded Grants

View the complete list of previously awarded grants, recipients and research projects.

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You can contribute to our research by making a tax deductible donation to Glaucoma Australia today.