Lions Christmas Cakes & Puddings


Lions Christmas PuddingFor over 50 years, the Lions Christmas Cake and Pudding program has helped raise millions of dollars.  Funds raised are donated back into the community to help great causes like Glaucoma Australia.

Get involved and help raise funds for glaucoma awareness, education, support and research.

This fundraiser is not only simple, it is delicious. For every carton of Lions Christmas Cakes or Puddings you sell, the Lions Club of Bondi will donate at least $40 to Glaucoma Australia. 


Product Price Per Carton RRP
Lions Christmas Cake 1.5kg $170 per carton of 10         $17.00 ea
Lions Christmas Cake 1kg $156 per carton of 12 $13.00 ea
Lions Christmas Pudding 900gm        $156 per carton of 12 $13.00 ea
Lions Mini Cake 80gm $90 per carton of 45 $2.00 ea

(Min order 3 cartons)


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For more information contact Colin Bloch - Lions Club of Bondi.

T : 02 9366 7132   M : 0417 179 259   E :