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Lifestyle Articles


A Guide to Sunglasses

Are sunglasses useful for people with glaucoma? Why do we notice glare? How do I choose the best sunglasses?


GDF15: a new biomarker yields early detection of neurodegeneration in glaucoma

Is it possible to detect glaucoma even earlier? The answer is yes - by identifying molecular markers that predict or measure neurodegeneration in glaucoma.


Glaucoma Drainage Devices

 Glaucoma Drainage Devices are mostly used in more complicated glaucomas, or in eyes where there is a high likelihood of failure of standard glaucoma operations.  


Men Neglecting Eye Health

Men are neglecting the health of their eyes to the detriment of their overall wellbeing. Having regular eye examinations with an optometrist is critical to having good vision for life.


Disappointment? Is cannabis effective in the treatment of glaucoma?

Disappointment Is cannabis effective in the treatment of glaucoma

The short-term benefit of lowered IOP lasting hours means patients need to consume cannabis many times a day in order to achieve a constant decrease in IOP


Generic brand (substitutes) vs brand name medications

Generic medicines is the general name given to prescription medicines once they have come off patent and are manufactured by a pharmaceutical company other than the holder of the original patent.


Medicines used in the treatment of Glaucoma

There are a number of classes of medications currently in use to treat glaucoma – they are classified by their active ingredient.


MIGS Malaise – Giving hope to those who need glaucoma MIGS treatment options

If you are missing out on MIGS as a glaucoma treatment option, express your concern to the Federal Health Minister.


Maintaining Safe Driving Habits

If you notice changes in the way you drive or have wondered  ”Am I a safe driver?”, the following may be useful to consider to protect you and others on the road.


Driving in Australia – Glaucoma Considerations

Make sure you are informed about the driving rules and regulations in your state. Some health conditions, including glaucoma, can affect our ability to drive safely and drivers are legally responsible in all States and Territories for reporting a medical condition that may impair/affect their ability to drive. There are State/Territory differences in when and what vision tests, medical assessments and road tests are employed to assess fitness to drive. 


Yoga Positions and Glaucoma

Some yoga positions may impact eye pressure in people with glaucoma


Living With Glaucoma

Common questions for those living with glaucoma.


Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Up to one third of people with low vision may experience visual hallucinations


Glaucoma in Animals

How do our domestic animals cope with glaucoma?


Swimming Goggles

The risk of intraocular pressure elevation caused by wearing swimming goggles. Check out the research and the most up-to-date recommendations to minimise the risk of glaucoma worsening by using swimming goggles.


Cataracts in Patients with Glaucoma

Now I have cataracts!

What impact does development of cataracts have on someone already living with glaucoma?


Family History and Glaucoma

What we know about glaucoma running in families. Much work has been undertaken to unravel which specific genes are involved in the various types of glaucoma and the importance of family history.


Improving Quality of Life for Patients

How researchers are looking to improve the day-to-day experience of people with glaucoma. Having glaucoma can impact a person’s quality of life, making them less likely to lead a happy and fulfilling life, even in the early stages of the disease.


Television Stations to Introduce Audio Description Services?

A new way to enhance the understanding of what is happening on screen


Glaucoma Research Update: The Year in Review (2015)

2015 proved to be a busy year for glaucoma research, highlighted at both the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) meeting and the World Glaucoma Congress. In addition, one of the main outcomes was the consensus to finalise the new Asia Pacific Glaucoma Guidelines (third edition) due for launch in mid-2016, which will guide glaucoma management across the region over the next few years.


It’s Okay to Ask Your Doctor: “Did You Wash Your Hands?”

The standards of care around handwashing for medical professionals. 

It is vital that health care providers wash their hands frequently because this can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause disease and even death in patients.



A new communication service connecting optometrists, ophthalmologists, and GPs


OrCam Assistive Technology Device

Delivers Independence to People who are Blind and Vision Impaired


Collaborative Care of Glaucoma Patients Between Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

Optometrists and ophthalmologists are working more closely together to ensure timely delivery of eye healthcare


Advances in the Medical Treatment of Glaucoma

An overview of the types of eyedrops used to halt the progression of glaucoma.


Glaucoma Treatment in Pregnancy

You may need to stop or adjust medications for glaucoma when you are pregnant


Scar Wars - Improving Glaucoma Surgery

Follow-up after surgery can improve the ultimate outcome


Thyroid Disease and Glaucoma

Thyroid under or over activity can be associated with problems in and around the eyes, including being a cause of secondary glaucoma.


Visual Field Tests

How to make the best of this crucial test.


When Raised Pressure is Not Glaucoma

Why do some people have raised eye pressure yet not develop glaucoma?


Online Eye Examinations

Opternative is an online - do it at home - refractive exam using a smart phone or computer. It operates in 31 US States and the company are intending to expand into Australia at some stage. They claim that it is “as accurate as an in-person refractive eye exam” and quote this clinical study: Opternative limits its App to users who are 18 to 40 years old. The free test yields the results and tells you to contact a local eye care professional. The venture-funding will be used to invest in R & D to develop the app for the over 40s and an ageing population. See for yourself at

June 2016


Bright Light and Caffeine Improve Driver Alertness

According to a Queensland University of Technology study caffeine and blue-green light have significant effects on improving the driving performance of chronically sleep-deprived young people. A media release from QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety states that the study tested the use of bright light using commercially available light glasses that emit a shortwave blue-green light and using caffeinated chewing gum.

blue-green light

Drivers given caffeine alone or with the light glasses had decreased side to side movement of the steering wheel and vehicle, indicating better control and higher alertness when using a driving simulator.

Oct 2016


Making Australians More Aware of Their Eye Health

A national consumer eye health awareness campaign aimed at making Australians more aware of their eye health has been launched by Optometry Australia. The Good vision for life campaign will highlight the need for regular eye examinations throughout life and will promote the role of optometrists in preventative eye health care. The campaign is focusing on the six million Australians aged 40-59 years, particularly on women in that age group.

Oct 2016


New Tactile Five Dollar Note Released

The Reserve Bank of Australia has released the next generation $5 banknote, which features a ‘tactile’ bump that can be used by those vision impaired to confirm what note they have. The rest of the banknotes are planned to have a tactile feature in time. The new tactile $10 note is planned to be released in September 2017.

New bank Note

Oct 2016