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Research Articles


The clue is in your eyes: New research identifies conclusive link between Alzheimer’s and glaucoma

A new international study led by Australian researchers has provided a conclusive link between glaucoma and Alzheimer’s, with implications for earlier diagnosis and improved treatments for patients in the future.


Ganglion cell deaths can now be imaged in real time in glaucoma patients

A new imaging technique called Detection of Apoptosing Retinal Cells (DARC), could be the future tool for early detection of glaucoma.


Zinc chelation protects optic nerve and ganglion cells after injury

Removing excess zinc after optic nerve injury could protect ganglion cells and optic nerve in glaucoma.


GDF15: a new biomarker yields early detection of neurodegeneration in glaucoma

Is it possible to detect glaucoma even earlier? The answer is yes - by identifying molecular markers that predict or measure neurodegeneration in glaucoma.


Disappointment? Is cannabis effective in the treatment of glaucoma?

Disappointment Is cannabis effective in the treatment of glaucoma

The short-term benefit of lowered IOP lasting hours means patients need to consume cannabis many times a day in order to achieve a constant decrease in IOP


Is vitamin B3 the new cure for glaucoma?

Vitamin B3 could prevent glaucoma


New XEN gel stent is the next-generation treatment for glaucoma

XEN gel stent, a new treatment for glaucoma


New Research Partnership Targets Relatives of People with Glaucoma

NHMRC funds the TARRGET study for three years, 2017 to 2019


Advances in the Medical Treatment of Glaucoma

An overview of the types of eyedrops used to halt the progression of glaucoma.


Glaucoma Following Congenital Cataract Surgery

Babies who have undergone cataract surgery at 3 months or younger may be at higher risk of developing glaucoma