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World Glaucoma Congress 2019: Patient Symposium Success

April 2019 - On Wednesday 27 March Glaucoma Australia was incredibly fortunate and proud to host the Glaucoma Patient Symposium at the 8th World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne.


The Genetics of Glaucoma

April 2019 - Over the last 25 years we have changed our thinking about glaucoma – whereas once it was considered to be a degenerative disease of aging, we now view glaucoma as a complex genetic disease.


Artificial Intelligence: The Future for Glaucoma Diagnosis

April 2019 - Artificial intelligence (AI), also known as machine intelligence, refers to the capability of a machine to imitate human intelligence. It is now ubiquitous in everyday life, from the automated tagging of faces on Facebook to driverless cars. In the very near future, AI may also assist in the early diagnosis of glaucoma. 


Researchers engineer self-clearing glaucoma drainage device
April 2019 - US biomedical researchers have developed a self-clearing glaucoma drainage device that uses vibration technology to disperse harmful micro-organisms.


Gaela Hilditch Talking Vision

March 2019 - During World Glaucoma Week (10 – 16 March) volunteer Gaela Hildtich spoke with Vision Australia Radio host Stella Glorie on the weekly program Talking Vision. On the show Gaela talks about living with glaucoma and the glaucoma support group she runs in Perth.



First human implanted with new eye pressure sensor

March 2019 - A German medical device developer has implanted its first glaucoma patient with an eye pressure sensor, potentially revolutionising future self-management of the disease. 


Cleaning fluid blocked from optic nerve in glaucoma patients, study finds

March 2019 - Canadian researches have discovered the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) – which flushed waste from the optic nerve – is disrupted in mice with glaucoma.


Colour-Changing CL to Aid Drug Delivery into Eye

March 2019 - Chinese scientists have engineered drug-delivering contact lenses that change colour to report exactly how much medicine has been released to the eye.  


Future brighter for Australian Glaucoma patients

March 2019 - The future looks brighter for Australians with glaucoma with recent advances in surgical treatment and upcoming improvements in drug delivery likely to improve treatment adherence and efficiency, according to the authors of a narrative review published today in the Medical Journal of Australia. 


Glaucoma in Perspective

March 2019 - New technologies and collaborative care are improving the quality of life of patients with glaucoma.