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Christmas Cards

Gift Tags - Tree / Baubles

Blank inside 5 cards of each design per pack of 10- incl. postage

Hail The New King - Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

A wish for peace and happiness at this Christmas Season

Indigenous Festival - Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

Indigenous Festival - Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

Mixed Pack - 9 cards & 10 tags

Consists of 9 'lucky dip' cards and 10 gift tags


Glaucoma Australia Logo Cap

Protection from the sun

Glaucoma Lapel Badge

Wear an owl badge with pride.

Correspondence Cards

Owl Family - Pack of 10 Correspondence Cards

Owl Family - Pack of 10 Correspondence Cards

Rozelle Interior - Pack of 6 Correspondence Cards

Rozelle Interior by Artist Kate Reilly


DVD - Glaucoma, The Sneak Thief of Sight

Teach yourself to instill eye drops and much more.

Eye Drop Wallet

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - extra large

Holds up to 6 bottles or 30 vials.

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - large

Holds up to 4 bottles

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - small

Holds 1 bottle

For Health Professionals

Glaucoma and Driving (Victoria Only)

Victoria Only.

Bundle of 20 brochures

Glaucoma Medication Adherence Resource Kit

Order a Public Health Resource kit on Glaucoma Medication Adherence to use in:

  • Ongoing adherence discussions with customers being dispensed glaucoma medications
  • Planning and implementing an in-pharmacy Public Health Promotion
  • Delivering a Public Health Information session to an external group

The kit consists of the following:

  • Improving Adherence in Glaucoma – A Manual for Pharmacists
  • Glaucoma Management: Pharmacist’s Guide
  • Understanding Glaucoma: Patient Handout

Select Pharmacy Kit for the “Glaucoma and the Pharmacist” online education modules or the Public Health resources order

Select Intern Kit if you are a pharmacy intern and undertaking in-store health promotion

Glaucoma Runs in Families

A3 size Practice Poster

Glaucoma Simply Explained

Available in 9 languages. 

Bundle of 20 brochures. 

Patient Referral Leaflet

Refer for patient education guidance and support - including information for families. 

Bundle of 20 brochures

What You Should Know About Eye Drops

This brochure is designed to give a general overview of eye drops and how to administer them properly.

Information includes:

  • How does glaucoma medication work?
  • How to instil eye drops
  • The journey of an eye drop
  • Safety measures and tips

Available in bundles of 20 


Soft Toy

Goldie and Quin owl bundle (1 of each)

GOLDIE and QUIN (soft toys) owl bundle

Goldie the Owl

GOLDIE (soft toy)

Quin the Owl

QUIN (soft toy)