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Christmas Cards

Cute Owls - Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

May the Festive Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones

Gift Tags - Tree / Baubles

Blank inside 5 cards of each design per pack of 10- incl. postage

Hail The New King - Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

A wish for peace and happiness at this Christmas Season

Joyous Poinsettia - Pack of 10 Christmas Cards

Thinking of you this Season and sending my very best wishes

Mixed Pack - 9 cards & 10 tags

Consists of 9 'lucky dip' cards and 10 gift tags


Glaucoma Australia Logo Cap

Protection from the sun

Glaucoma Lapel Badge

Wear an owl badge with pride.

Correspondence Cards

Owl Family - Pack of 10 Correspondence Cards

Owl Family - Pack of 10 Correspondence Cards

Rozelle Interior - Pack of 6 Correspondence Cards

Rozelle Interior by Artist Kate Reilly


DVD - Glaucoma, The Sneak Thief of Sight

Teach yourself to instill eye drops and much more.

Eye Drop Wallet

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - extra large

Holds up to 6 bottles or 30 vials.

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - large

Holds up to 4 bottles

FRIO Eye Drop Wallet - small

Holds 1 bottle

Soft Toy

Goldie and Quin owl bundle (1 of each)

GOLDIE and QUIN (soft toys) owl bundle

Goldie the Owl

GOLDIE (soft toy)

Quin the Owl

QUIN (soft toy)