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supporting glaucoma patients and their families Eye testing funding glaucoma research
Call our Support Line (02) 9906 6640 or 1800 500 880

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

What is #GivingTuesday?

This year, on 29 November 2016, Australian businesses, not-for-profits, charities, community groups, families and individuals are encouraged to join a global movement and celebrate a day of giving to kick off the giving season.
This day is #GivingTuesday.

There are just 2 weeks to go until #GivingTuesday but still plenty of time to be a part of the global day of giving. Need ideas?

Raise Funds
Donate or organise a fundraiser for a not-for-profit organisation and leverage #GivingTuesday.

Volunteer at a charity or organise a larger team volunteer event with your friends, staff, and neighbours.

Partner with local organisations to give a donation (money, goods, or services) to not-for-profit organisations.

Manage your glaucoma eye drops with MedAdvisor

Making sure you have your eye drops on-hand and remembering to use them can be a chore.

For glaucoma, your treatment is the only thing standing in the way of you losing precious sight so it make sense to use your medication in the best way possible.

MedAdvisor is a user-friendly medication management system, with simple reminders and handy functions such as Tap-to-Refill, that assist you to get the most out of your treatment. MedAdvisor assists you to fill your prescriptions and helps you to use your eye drops, and any other medication, at the right time.

Glaucoma Australia and MedAvisor partnership

MedAdvisor can help you to be more adherent with your medication.

Click here to register for this free patient service.

Read more about the service.

Glaucoma runs in Families

Protect your family‘s sight

  • Glaucoma runs in familiesDirect family members of those with glaucoma have a ten times higher risk of developing glaucoma themselves
  • They should have their optic nerves checked every two years or as often as their eye health professional suggests
  • Early detection and appropriate treatment WILL save sight
  • Contact Glaucoma Australia for help and support

Glaucoma Australia is the peak glaucoma awareness/education/support association in Australia.

It is a national, not-for-profit registered charity dedicated to providing educational services to raise awareness about the serious and common eye disease glaucoma; to support glaucoma sufferers and to raise funds for research.

Glaucoma Australia’s mission is to eliminate glaucoma blindness by:

  • increasing community awareness
  • supporting glaucoma patients and their families
  • funding glaucoma research.

Learn more about Glaucoma

Bequests form the financial basis of most Australian charities and are absolutely essential for ensuring the good work they do continues into the future. If you think Glaucoma Australia is worthy of your support
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